Tennessee Waterfalls: More Than You May Know

Tennessee waterfalls

Tennessee waterfalls...Did you know that at the time of this writing there are well over 800 of them that have been documented and located in the volunteer state of Tennessee? Not all of them are monstrously huge, but many of them are, and all of them are beautiful in their own way.

Here is a map of the one's we've visited thus far and there's also a running list of them on the page below.

Where It All Began

woman and dog looking at waterfall

Our long history of chasing waterfalls began in Tennessee.  You see, the immediate area around Chattanooga is our home turf, our back yard so to speak.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, it was teeming with great quality waterfall hikes and more beautiful vistas than one can count.

Well, the vistas and beauty of our area, I was aware of.  After all, there is a reason Chattanooga is known as the "scenic city", but I had no idea about the tons of waterfalls close by, other than Ruby Falls which has become an area icon on par with Rock City Gardens in popularity, especially with the tourists.

But, I soon found out!

Tennessee Waterfalls: To Benton and Beyond!

Our first waterfall hike in Tennessee that we did together was Benton Falls.  That one had me hooked.  I confess, it was the beauty of the waterfall, but also the beauty of the woman and my intrigue with her that kept me coming back again and again to the scores of waterfalls we began to visit together.

I say "visit", but really every single fall and cascade was a unique experience.  Yes, "experienced" is the more accurate term, because we were always fully immersed in these times.  We were hyper present and in the moment.  We still are...every time we get out among the rocks and the trees and the sky, we thoroughly enjoy God's gorgeous creation around us.

This is definitely the case from Benton Falls and beyond as we tour the many great waterfalls of Tennessee!

Tennessee Waterfalls We've Experienced So Far

Here are some of the waterfalls in the volunteer state that we've experienced ourselves over the years.  We are constantly looking for new ones to enjoy and share with you, but here is the list so far...

Benton Falls

Virgin Falls

Foster Falls

Bald River Falls

Burgess Falls

School Branch Falls

Blue Hole Falls

Zenner Falls

Black Canyon Cascade

Sycamore Falls

Hanes Hole Falls

Fall Creek Falls

Rockhouse Falls

Cane Creek Cascade

Cane Creek Falls

Upper Piney Falls

Lower Piney Falls

Big Branch Falls

Big Laurel Falls

Sheep Cave Falls

Lost Creek Falls

Middle Falls

Ozone Falls

Twin Falls

Great Falls

Upper Piney Falls

Lower Piney Falls

Cummins Falls

Rainbow Falls (Signal Mountain)

Rainbow Falls (Great Smokey Mountains National Park)

Laurel Falls (Stone Door)

Laurel Falls (Laurel Snow State Natural Area)

Laurel Falls (Great Smokey Mountains National Park)

Snow Falls

Abrams Falls

Bald River Cascade

Baby Falls

Falls Branch Falls

Conasauga Falls

Denny Cove Falls

Gee Creek Falls

Glen Falls

Goforth Falls

Rock Creek Falls

Chestnut Mountain Falls

Greeter Falls

Savage Falls

Horsepound Falls

Boardtree Falls

Suter Falls

Little Possum Creek Falls (aka: Immodium Falls by kayakers)

Upper Turtletown Falls

Lower Turtletown Falls

Machine Falls

Stinging Fork Falls

Falling Water Falls

Compression Falls

Bullet Creek Falls

...along with many other falls and cascades either unnamed or more likely with names that are unknown to us.

Have A Great Story About A Tennessee Waterfall?

Do you have a great story about your favorite Tennessee waterfall adventures? Or have we missed a Tennessee waterfall you love? Share it with us!

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