Waterfalls in Wyoming

waterfall in Wyoming

Admittedly, "waterfalls in Wyoming" was not the first thought that popped into our heads as we started to think about exploring the Cowboy State.  In fact, for some reason, the song lyrics to "Home on the Range" suddenly popped annoyingly into my mind.

However, we soon found out that Wyoming contains and actually is known for many very impressive waterfalls, some of which are quite famous!

In fact, we found out that there are over 500 waterfalls in Wyoming and at least 45 of those are in Yellowstone National Park alone!

And then, when you realise that the Yellowstone area is sitting on top of a giant, super volcano and it's teeming with hot springs, bubbling mud pots, and other strange geothermal features.

And of course both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park are known for their abundant, protected wildlife, including the majestic and warrior looking bison (often called buffalo), pronghorn (often misnamed as antelope), elk, moose, and both grizzly and black bears.

So, from that point, it was a pretty easy decision to begin planning our honeymoon in this beautiful state in America's wild, wild west.

Yellowstone and Grand Teton

What we found very quickly about Wyoming is that the state is huge and full of this weird mixture of vast, wide open spaces and gargantuan mountains, which was right up our ally.

However, the limiting factor on our trip was the logistics of having a "home base" for the trip and the tremendous amount of driving that had to be done, due to the astounding amount of ground to cover.

For instance, Yellowstone National Park alone is larger in size than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined!

In reminiscing about our trip, we came to the conclusion that if doing it over again, we would have bitten the financial bullet and payed the extra it would have cost to rent a camper van so that we could cover more ground in relative comfort.

So, as you plan your visit out west, that is indeed our recommendation because there is just so much to see and it is often spread so far apart.  What you spend in dollars, you'll gain in time and fun factor.

Waterfalls in Wyoming We've Visited

Check out the waterfalls that we have visited thus far in this amazingly beautiful state!

Crystal Falls

Fairy Falls

Firehole Falls

Gibbon Falls

Hidden Falls

Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River

Moose Falls

Osprey Falls

Undine Falls

Wraith Falls

Lewis Falls

Kepler Cascades

Terraced Falls

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