Surprisingly Awesome Brasstown Falls
Westminster, South Carolina, USA

Brasstown Falls view from water level

We discovered Brasstown Falls by accident and weren't really sure if the 3 hour drive to get there would be worth the gamble, all based on a few photos we found online, but...

Fast Facts about Brasstown Falls:


Little Brasstown: 40 ft

Brasstown Cascade, Falls, & Sluice: varied heights

Type: varied

Location: Long Creek, South Carolina

Local Weather: Long Creek, SC

Dog Friendly: YES with leash

Camping & Accommodations: 


Cell Service: None

Nearest Emergency Room: Mountain Lakes Medical Center

Food Nearby: Restaurants and recommendations

Brasstown Falls at good waterflow

It was SOOOOO worth it!

The waterfalls on this trail (YES...there are several!) are amazing and I don't know if it is like this all the time, but there was literally nobody there when we arrived and only one lone tourist heading in to take photos as we were leaving.  Granted, it was Valentine's Day, but still...nobody else wants to chase waterfalls with the one they love on "the most romantic day of the year"?!

Crowd Update

Since our visit, we've learned that this area is usually crowded, so it's good to know in advance that there is primitive camping on site and parking is limited.

Short Hike - BIG Rewards

couple selfie at Lower Brasstown Falls

Honestly, we weren't even sure we wanted to share this waterfall with anyone simply because it and the whole area at this trail was so awesome.  Let's face it, the more people find areas like this, the higher the likelihood that they get messed up and trashed, so PLEASE follow "leave no trace" principles when you visit and keep the trails looking beautiful for your return visits and the visits of everyone else.

But, the info is shared elsewhere anyway, so here's the scoop...

The Brasstown Falls trail is located at the end of a short forest road in Long Creek, South Carolina.

The trail starts just passed the boulders marking the end of the road.  The cool thing about this trail is that there are multiple falls on this trail.  We will refer to them as upper and lower, but the lower falls is actually a series of drops that are really 3 distinct falls in our opinion.

At the obscurish fork in the trail, you will need to go upstream and cross the creek to get to Little Brasstown Falls as it flows down the rocks of Little Brasstown Creek.  The waterfalls here are much more beautiful than we thought they would be!

best view of Brasstown Falls

There is also a trail going up the embankment to the left that leads to the top of the falls.  This area is very slick, so venture there at your own risk and please don't enter the water above the falls.

view from the top of Brasstown Falls

There is a memorial plaque mounted at the base of the falls to "Timmy".  Presumably, he died here or maybe it was just his favorite spot to relax, but we couldn't find the info.  Just enjoy the area with care.

To fully immerse yourself in this area, you've got to head back across the creek and downstream a very short distance to see the other three waterfalls.

The first is more of a large cascade that most refer to as Brasstown Cascade.

Lower Brasstown Falls - cascade section

The second, just down from it is a beautiful, but fairly short plunge.  It is called Brasstown Veil.

second section of Lower Brasstown Falls plunges over the rocks

Then as the creek rounds the corner of the small gorge, there's the final fall that narrows into another short plunge into a shallow punchbowlish section of the creek.  This one is called Brasstown Sluice.

Last section of Lower Brasstown Falls plunges into the pool below

Trail Under Construction

While we were there on our Valentines Day waterfall chase in 2021, there was construction equipment on the trail and some of it roped off to discourage travel, so be aware of this as you go.  Hopefully they will get it done quickly and with as little disruption to the trail traffic and enjoyment as possible.

Directions to Brasstown Falls

Click on the map below or the link here to get directions to Brasstown Falls.  These are the directions we followed and had no issues whatsoever finding the trailhead.

Food in the Area

We packed our lunch on our Valentines Day hike and we're not super familiar with area eating establishments, so we're just gonna direct you to a Google map of area restaurants to help you jump start your research before you head over that way...

Area Accommodations

There is a large primitive campsite on site surrounded by the creek and Rhododendron.

If we're not camping nearby, no matter where we travel, we almost always start our search on AirBnb.

We also passed by Wild Water's Chattooga resort on our way out and especially if you want to raft the Chattooga River while you're in town, this might be a great option for you as well.  We drove through and noticed that they had yurts, cabins, and even a tree house for rent!

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