Panther Falls
Lakemont, Georgia, USA

Panther Falls GA

Panther Falls is a beautiful waterfall found in the area near Lake Rabun in Lakemont, Georgia.  This part of northeast Georgia has numerous notable waterfalls like Minnehaha Falls, Hemlock Falls, and the many falls at Tallulah Gorge State Park.

Panther Falls...on the Trail Named Angel

This waterfall is actually located on Angel Falls Trail, which seems backwards to us, since Panther is clearly the more beautiful of the two.

Angel Falls trailhead leading to both waterfalls

Maybe it's that Angel Falls is the furtherest up the trail, because it certainly is difficult to see due to the overgrowth of vegetation.

At less than 2 miles round trip, it is certainly a worthwhile hike to see a couple of waterfalls and breathe some fresh mountain air.

If you go at the right time, you might even get a chance to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Rhododendron blooms that are all over the place on the trail.

Rhododendron blooms along the trail

Hiking During a Crisis

We hiked this trail in June, it was pretty warm and humid.  But, it was during the height of the global crisis that has been called various things, possibly most notably a the campground was closed and none but the most adventurous and not gripped by paralyzing fear were on the trail.

It kind of reminded us of the many times we've hiked in the snow or rainstorms and not many were out with us.  Boy, we sure do like those times when we almost have the forest all to ourselves.

No, we're not anti-social, but we are pro-solitude. 😉

The First..and Best Waterfall on the Trail

The trail starts at Loop 2 of the Rabun Beach Campground and continues first to Panther Falls and then on to Angel.

Almost immediately we crossed a cute little wooden footbridge that is worthy of a photo opp.

Bridge on trail to Panther and Angel Falls

The next landmark you reach is a little footbridge that leads to a resting place beside a large tree, before reaching Panther Falls.

footbridge and resting place on trail

Panther Falls is appropriately named too, since when you reach it, it leaps out into your vision like a predatory cat from the depths of this Rhododendron jungle.

jungle like forest surrounds the falls

beautiful north Georgia waterfall near Lake Rabun

Restaurant Recommendations

The quaint little town of Clayton, Georgia is close to Panther Falls (about 25 minutes away), so it's a pretty good choice if you didn't pack a lunch for your time in the area or just prefer some local fare.

One cool little place we've enjoyed a couple of times in Clayton is Grapes & Beans Cafe, 42 E Savannah St, Clayton, GA 30525.

Our meal at Grapes & Beans restaurant in Clayton, GA

They have a healthy and fresh menu and lots of vegetarian options, if you're into that.

And their desserts?  GET THE CAKE!!!! 🤯

Where to Stay Nearby - Accommodations

When we visited Panther Falls, we actually stayed in nearby Hiawassee, Georgia at a little place called Hidden Valley B&B.

Our host at the time was Mardi and she was an amazing little lady that sat at her outside table with us and told us her travel stories and local recommendations as we enjoyed the delicious, healthy breakfast she prepared for us.

Our breakfast with Mardi at Hidden Valley B & B

We were very impressed and would definitely stay at Hidden Valley again!

Other Accommodations

If you have more specific requirements, like pet friendliness, closer to the falls, for hotels or accommodations near Panther Falls here...

Fast Facts about Panther Falls, GA:

Height: 50 feet

Type: Steep Cascade

Location: Lakemont, Georgia (about 25 minutes from Clayton, GA)

Local Weather: Lakemont, Georgia

Dog Friendly: YES

Camping: Camping at the Lake Rabun Campground where the trail is located is the obviously the closest, but in case of closure or you prefer to camp elsewhere, here's a map of camping near Panther Falls.

Cell Service: Doubtful - Plan accordingly

Nearest Emergency Room:  Mountain Lakes Medical Center Emergency Room (about 25 minutes away in Clayton)

Food Nearby:  Restaurants near Panther Falls, GA

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