Latourell Falls
Troutdale, Oregon, USA

lichen covered basalt cliff with plunging waterfall

Latourell Falls was high on our list of Columbia River Gorge waterfalls to see on our Oregon hiking spree and we were definitely anything, but disappointed.

According to the Oregon State Parks website, this gorgeous waterfall plunges at an impressive two hundred and twenty four feet from a beautiful, fluorescent chartreuse lichen coated basalt cliff.

Fast Facts about Latourell Falls:

Height: 224 feet

Type: Plunge

Location: Guy W. Talbot State Park, Near Portland, Oregon

Local Weather: Troutdale, OR

Dog Friendly: YES

Camping:  Campgrounds near the falls

Cell Service: Spotty, depending on carrier

Nearest Emergency Room:  26 minutes away in Gresham, Oregon

Food Nearby:  Restaurant Information

As a part of the Guy W. Talbot State Park, the trail and falls area appeared well maintained and easy to follow.

Latourell Falls - Roadside Short Hike Wonder

Although we arrived late in the day with just enough daylight left to enjoy the lower trail, we thoroughly enjoyed this short hike to and beyond the falls.

We paused from various vantage points on the way down the gently sloping trail to take in the awesome beauty and get some great photos to to cherish and share.

waterfall framed in lush green forest

While there were some people present, the area was not overly crowded as we would usually expect from a roadside waterfall with such a small path.  We suspect that this was likely due to the time of year that our visit fell on.  It was early February, rainy, and moderately cold, which likely dampened the spirits of the less dedicated visitors.

This is one of the reasons we actually prefer winter and even rainy weather hiking..crowd avoidance. 😬
beautiful wood bridge in front of waterfall

We meandered past the falls to the other side of Latourell Creek and underneath the beautifully crafted road bridge of the Historic Columbia River Highway above the trail.  They just don't make 'em like they used to...that's for sure.  This beautiful bridge was built in 1914 and is still operational!

trail meanders underneath 1914 highway bridge

As darkness continued to fall on the area, we snapped one final photo of beautiful Latourell Falls.  She's clearly a lady that's beautiful in any light!

waterfall at dusk

So, if you are ever in the Columbia River Gorge area near Portland, in the shadow of Mount Hood...Latourell Falls at Guy W. Talbot State Park is a "must see" roadside attraction.

Hopefully, you'll have a little more time and daylight than we did so you can explore the upper trail as well and get an even more immersive experience at Latourell Falls, Oregon.

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